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NetBotz Central and KVMs


NetBotz Central and KVMs

Product Line:

NetBotz Central


NetBotz Central 1.x and 2.x


Monitoring configuration.


NetBotz Central is designed to be treated as a "head-less" appliance. This means there is no need to attach a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to the NetBotz Central. However, some customers attach KVM equipment to all rack mounted systems. If this is the case, standard PS/2 keyboard & mouse KVM equipment may be attached to the NetBotz Central.

If KVM hardware is used, note that NO graphical output is sent to the local display. Only a Linux command prompt appears once the boot process is complete. Please note that much of the boot information can not be seen from this interface and upgrades also show limited output.
A serial connection is the preferred monitoring method.

Note: The USB ports on the NetBotz Central are not configured to handle USB based keyboards or mice.

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