APC Symmetra PX 60kW Scalable to 100kW, 208V with Startup Technical Specifications

Symmetra PX

APC Symmetra PX 60kW Scalable to 100kW, 208V with Startup
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Symmetra PX
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A modular, high-efficiency 3-phase UPS that is scalable up to 100kW. Suitable for use in small to medium data centers and high density zones.

Includes: Installation guide, Network Management Card, Start-Up Service, User Manual

Standard Lead Time: Usually Ships within 3 Weeks


Output Power Capacity
60 kW / 60 kVA
Max Configurable Power
100 kW / 100 kVA
Nominal Output Voltage
120V, 208V, 208V 3PH
Output Voltage Distortion
Less than 2%
Output Frequency (sync to mains)
57 - 63 Hz for 60 Hz nominal
Double Conversion Online
Waveform Type
Sine wave
Output Connections
(1) Hard Wire 5-wire (3PH + N + G)
Output Voltage Tolerance
+/-1% static and +/- 5% at 100% load step
Output Voltage THD
< 2% for 0 to 100% linear load and < 6% for full non linear load
Built-in Static Bypass


Nominal Input Voltage
208V 3PH
Input Frequency
40 - 70 Hz
Input voltage range for main operations
177 - 239 (208V)V
Maximum Input Current
Input Total Harmonic Distortion
Less than 5% for full load

Batteries & Runtime

Battery Type
Battery Design Life
5 - 8 Year(s)
Battery Service Life
3 - 5 Year(s)
Included Battery Modules
ERROR: No Translation Found
Typical recharge time
2 hour(s)
Nominal Battery Voltage
+/-192 V (split battery referenced to neutral)
End of Discharge Battery Voltage
+/-154 V
Maximum Available Short Circuit Current
30 kA
Efficiency in Battery Operation
End of Discharge Maximum Battery Current
Runtime Graph
Curve Part Number(s)
A SY60K100F
B SY60K100F
+ (1)SYBT9-B4
C SY60K100F
+ (2)SYBT9-B4
D SY60K100F
+ (3)SYBT9-B4
E SY60K100F
+ (1)SYCFXR9
Hover over the line on the graph above to view the runtime at any desired load
Curve fit to measured runtime data. All measurements taken with new, fully charged batteries, at typical environmental conditions, with no electrical input and balanced resistive load (PF = 1.0) output.

Energy Use/Efficiency

Load Efficiency
25% 93.0%
50% 94.7%
75% 94.9%
100% 94.7%
Hover over the line on the graph above to view the efficiency at any desired load
Curve fit of data measured in accordance with the ENERGY STAR Program Requirements Product Specification for Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) - Eligibility Criteria Version 1.0. All measurements taken in normal mode(s), at typical environmental conditions, with 208V/60Hz electrical input and balanced resistive load (PF = 1.0) output.

Communications & Management

Interface Port(s)
DB-9 RS-232, SmartSlot
Available SmartSlot™ Interface Quantity
Pre-Installed SmartSlot™ Cards
Control panel
Multi-function LCD status and control console
Audible Alarm
Alarm when on battery : distinctive low battery alarm : configurable delays


Maximum Height
2011.00 mm
Maximum Width
1200.00 mm
Maximum Depth
1070.00 mm
Net Weight
1412.36 KG
Shipping Weight
1554.00 KG
Shipping Height
2140.00 mm
Shipping Width
1696.00 mm
Shipping Depth
1210.00 mm


Operating Environment
0 - 40 °C
Operating Relative Humidity
0 - 95%
Operating Elevation
0-999.9 meters
Storage Temperature
-15 - 40 °C
Storage Relative Humidity
0 - 95%
Storage Elevation
0-15000 meters
Audible noise at 1 meter from surface of unit
67.00 dBA
Protection Class


Regulatory Approvals
CE Mark, CSA C22.2 No.107.3-05, EN/IEC 62040-3, ENERGY STAR (USA), Eurobat General Purpose, FCC Part 15 Class A, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, UL 1778
Standard Warranty
1 year on-site repair or replace with factory authorized Start-Up

Sustainable Offer Status

**The time to recharge to 90% of full battery capacity following a discharge to shutdown using a load rated for 1/2 the full load rating of the UPS.