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InfraStruxure™ Design Process InfraStruxure™

APC's innovative APC Design Portal, acknowledged with a 2003 Computerworld Medal of Achievement, lets you design and specify InfraStruXure® solutions using a Web-based Configurator. These 5 easy steps let you configure your ideal InfraStruXure® solution.

  1. Specify Requirements
  2. Choose price, value or performance solution
  3. Layout your InfraStruXure
  4. Customize your Solution
  5. Purchase

APC InfraStruxure™ selector
Research InfraStruxure™ data center design possibilities with the InfraStruxure™ selector. The selector leverages built-in “rules” that generates an integrated hardware and software solution.

The APC InfraStruxure™ selector gathers data center requirements such as, input voltage, number of racks needed, average watts per rack and battery runtime required.

Using the data gathered - price, value and performance InfraStruxure™ solutions are generated. Choose the solution that best fits your needs.

APC InfraStruxure™ designer
Designs with more detailed input or complicated scenarios can quickly and easily be generated using InfraStruxure™ Designer by a trained data center professional.