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Surge Protection and Power Conditioning

Surge Protection Devices

SurgeArrest Performance - APC

SurgeArrest Performance

Maximum Power Surge Protection for Computers, Notebooks and Other Electronics
SurgeArrest Home/Office - APC

SurgeArrest Home/Office

Professional-grade Electrical Surge Protection for Computers and Electronics
SurgeArrest Essential - APC

SurgeArrest Essential

Basic Protection Against Power Surges for Computers and Electronics
ProtectNet - APC


(Phone, Digital Phone, Ethernet, Serial and COAX)
Advanced Surge Protection Against Damaging Power Transients Traveling Over Computer, AV and Network Data Lines

Filters & Harmonic Conditioners

AccuSine - APC


Controlled and selective neutralization of harmonics for non-linear load equipment in commercial and industrial environments

Voltage Regulators

Line-R - APC


Automatic voltage regulation for protection against brownouts and overvoltages.
Estabilizadores - APC


(300 - 3200VA)
Voltage regulators adjust power to safe levels
Modulos Isoladores - APC

Modulos Isoladores

(300 - 500VA)
Provides safe power in places with poor or nonexistent grounding

Hardwire Surge Suppression

Residential Hardwire Surge Suppression - APC

Residential Hardwire Surge Suppression

Whole-house surge protection for your entire home.
Commercial/Industrial Surge Suppression - APC

Commercial/Industrial Surge Suppression

(80kA to 160kA and more, modular and non-modular construction)
High quality transient voltage surge suppression for datacenters, industrial facilities and commercial buildings.
Hardwire Surge Suppression Accessories - APC

Hardwire Surge Suppression Accessories

Accessories and replacement parts for your APC TVSS (transient voltage surge suppressor).

Surge Protection Selector

Surge Protection Selector An electrical surge can destroy your most expensive electronics in seconds! Don't take the risk, get an APC Surge Protector to ensure the safety of your valuable electronic devices.
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Battery Backup Solutions

Product Manager Patrick Donovan talks about the need for battery backups and APC's solutions