Agency Approvals


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MEA Approval for the InRow RP
New York City Safety Approval for the full rack InRow cooling units
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InRow RC VDE Approval
European safety approval for the InRow RC
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InRow RP UL Approval
United States Safety Approval for the InRow RP
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UL, c-UL Approval for InRow Cooling Products
List of UL approved InRow Cooling Products
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EMC Certificate of Conformity for InRow RC Products
EMC Approvals for InRow RC covering European Union regulations
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C-UL Approval for InRow Cooling specified products
Canadian Safety Approval for InRow Cooling Products
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Declaration of Conformity 50 Hz InRow Cooling Products
Declaration of Conformity InRow Cooling
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VCCI Certificate for the InRow RC Products
Japanese electromagnetic compliance approval for the InRow RC.
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InfraStruXure InRow RC VCCI Approval
Japanese Electromagneitc Compliance Approval for the InRow RC Half Rack Computer Room Air Conditioner
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