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New Product

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor, our cloud-enabled remote monitoring service.

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor replaces “StruxureOn” brand name. With EcoStruxure Asset Advisor our Customers will be able to connect to our experts! EcoStruxure Asset Advisor is a data-driven remote monitoring service for your critical equipment, increasing resiliency and transparency through live sensor data, preventive analysis and smart alarming delivered directly to your Smartphone. Remote troubleshooting is provibasided by the experts monitoring your connected assets 24x7 EcoStruxure Asset Advisor is a digital remote monitoring and management service portfolio for critical equipment. It empowers you to maximize the performance and minimize the downtime of your installation through 24x7 interactive expert support, live sensor data, preventive analysis and smart alarming.

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor - APC
New Product

APC 230V SurgeArrest Release for Vietnam and the Philippines

SurgeArrest Home/Office

The new line of 230V SurgeArrest products - refreshes the current Home Office and Performance Series product. New simplified design with quality features and the legendary reliability of APC by Schneider Electric. This launch includes a 1, 5, and 6 outlet product suited for the home/office user. These products provide protection from lightning, surges and spikes. Features vary by model.

SurgeArrest Home/Office - APC
Part Number: PM1W-VN, PM1WU2-VN, PM53-VN, PM53U-VN, PM63-VN, PM63U-VN

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