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Instructions for applying the ISX Manager Update.

"The ISX Manager update can be found on APC's software download page:

First, create an apc directory on your system and copy the update file to this directory.

1. To perform an upgrade, FTP Server must be enabled. Select FTP Settings under Network in the System Management menu to start (stopped by default) FTP access to the InfraStruXure Manager, and to define the required FTP logon settings.

2. Open an MS-DOS command prompt window on a PC which is connected to the network. Change to the
directory which contains the upgrade file.

3. Open an ftp client session.

4. Log into the ISX manager with the ftp username and password. The username and password are both apc by default.

5. Type bin for binary mode.

6. put isx4_2_0_298.tar (with isx4_2_0_298.tar being the example update file.)

7. Close the ftp client session.

8. Open and log into ISX Manager.

9. Under Updates-->Apply InfraStruXure updates. Select the new firmware in the lower box and hit Apply.

10. The update will then require the system to be restarted and will do so automatically. Connection to the interface will be down for a few minutes while the system reboots.

Note: For customers that would like to access ISX Manager from the private network (APC LAN), connect a computer to the APC switch (or hub). The computer must meet the following requirements:
a. It must be configured to automatically obtain an IP address (through DHCP).
b. It must be running TCP/IP as a network protocol.
c. The browser must be Microsoft® Internet Explorer, version 5.5 or higher.
Release and renew your computer's IP address to assign it an address on the APC LAN. Open Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, version 5.5 or higher, and enter the APC LAN IP address for the InfraStruXure Manager:
Use as the default IP address for the InfraStruXure Manager on the APC LAN.
Use if, for any reason, you cannot use the default IP address above.

Upgrades must be done sequentially."
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