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Can the APC NetShelter SX cabinet be disassembled to accommodate moving through a narrow doorway?

The NetShelter SX cabinet needs to be disassembled.
Product Line:
NetShelter SX
All versions and serial ranges.
Small doorways, stairs or elevator may force the need for the cabinet to be disassembled.
Resolution :

APC NetShelter SX cabinets are not made to be disassembled. If you need to move a NetShelter SX cabinet through a small doorway, and must disassemble it, please contact your local APC by Schneider Electric Customer Care Center for instructions. You may also want to consider using the NetShelter SV AR2400FP. It's a flat-packed (unassembled) cabinet that's designed to be assembled on site. 

NOTE: Disassembling a NetShelter SX cabinet and reassembling it will void the warrantee. If you must do so, please re-assemble the cabinet on a level surface to assure squareness. 
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