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    A prefabricated, secure computing environment

    Schneider Electric Micro Data Centers

    Features and Benefits of Micro Data Centres

    You can have all the storage, processing and networking that you need in a single unit.  Our secure prefabricated computing systems offer:

    • Compatibility with any IT
    • Widest portfolio of micro data center solutions with power, cooling and security
    • Quick and easy deployment
    • Support for applications requiring low latency and/or high bandwidth

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    Wide Selection of Micro Data Centre Solutions

    Protect and manage big data in small spaces with single-unit solutions containing a complete infrastructure inside a secure framework that safeguards critical business applications:

    • Smart Bunker SX – ideal for traditional for IT rooms
    • Smart Bunker CX – optimised for office environments
    • Smart Bunker FX – ruggedised for performance in any environment
    • Smart Shelter – a multi-rack unit, ruggedised for any environment

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    • Discover the power of Micro Data Centers See why so many industries rely on the largest selection of Micro Data Centers available on the market. Learn how these standardized, cost-effective, simple to manage solutions can transform your company today.

      Micro Data Center Blogs

      Learn how our single-unit solutions are changing the data industry, read our commentary on developments in data center science, and learn more about how our products are optimizing energy use.

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      From the Experts: More About Your Micro Data Center

      Read our white paper on setting up and managing these solutions: “Practical Options for Deploying Small Server Rooms and Micro Data Centers”

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