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Green Premium (RoHS, REACh, PEP, Eoli) Compliance for Schneider Electric or APC Branded Products


Where can I find Green Premium (RoHS, REACh, PEP, Eoli) compliance documents for my Schneider Electric or APC branded device?

Product Line

  • Most if not all Schneider Electric or APC Branded Products


  • All installation or purchasing scenarios


Many users require these documents for compliance purposes.
  • RoHS is the European directive on Restriction of Hazardous Substances (2011/65/EU).
  • REACh is the regulation applicable on all industries throughout Europe since June 2007, with implementation steps till 2018.
  • EoLi: End-of-Life instructions
  • PEP: Product Environmental Profile


This web application provides information about the products marketed by Schneider Electric relating to the European REACh regulation (substances content) and RoHS directives (hazardous substances), their environmental profile (PEP) and their End of life instructions (EOLI) based on their date codes.

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