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Video: How do I update NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 firmware?

How do I update NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 firmware?

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NetBotz Rack Monitor 250

NetBotz Rack Monitor 250

You must update the firmware on the Rack Monitor 250 to the most recent version before first use.


NOTE: The NetBotz 250 appliances must be communicating on the network to be able to upgrade the firmware using this option.  Steps for setting the IP address can be found on DCIM Support or within knowledge base FA156064.

1) Navigate to and go to the Documentation menu and then NetBotz 250.

2) Download the most recent firmware in the Download section.

3) Run the executable that downloads, which will extract the necessary upgrade files and automatically run the Upgrade Wizard Utility.

4) If only upgrading one appliance, enter the IP Address, username, and password.  If upgrading multiple appliances, check the box for Upgrade from Device List, and fill in the Device List option.

5) Select Ping to test network connectivity to the appliances.

6) Select Upgrade Now to issue the upgrades to the appliances.

NOTE: Other firmware upgrade procedures are available within knowledge base FA156047.
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