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Can the split rear doors of a NetShelter SX, SV or VX cabinet be installed on the front of the cabinet, and can the front door be installed on the rear?

For various reasons customers may want to change the standard door orientation of full width door on the front, and split doors on the rear.

Product Line:
NetShelter SX, NetShelter SV, NetShelter VX

All versions and serial ranges.

There is a need to know if the NetShelter SX, SV or VX cabinet is flexible enough to allow the customer to choose what door style is installed in the front and rear.

Yes, the rear doors can be installed onto the front of the cabinet. When installing the rear doors onto the front you must also move one set of hinges from the rear to the front.
Replacement front and rear door kits include all of the hinges necessary to hang the door.
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