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    APC Home Solutions
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    Power protection for your home office

    Defend your home communication devices and family PCs against damage and file destruction from unexpected power grid changes, including surges and even lightning. Our worry-free UPS backup and APC surge protectors deliver industrial-strength protection and reliability for your most important electronics.

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    • Gaming

      Power gaming systems with products designed to improve connectivity and ensure that power does not compromise AV performance. When downtime means game over, choose a UPS from APC.

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    • Home Networks

      Keep your home network safe and secure. From ensuring Internet access for critical weather updates to accessible VoIP phone communication during a power outage, rely on APC for network access.

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    • Home Theatre

      Power your home theatre and protect your movies, music and shows with APC. Access streaming content when you want, where you want.

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    • Mobile Power Packs

      From lights to alarms to staying connected during a crisis, connected home remote access for mobile devices matters. Plus, manage energy use and savings.

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