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Can I extend the length of my Environmental Sensors and Probes?


Can I extend the length of my Environmental Sensors and Probes?

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This document pertains to the Environmental Sensors and Probes that can be connected to APC's Environmental Monitoring and Management Units (AP9312, AP9319, AP9320, and AP9340).


  • AP9512T/THBLK - We do not officially support lengthening the temperature humidity probe with PS/2 extension cables. However, though not officially supported, we have extended the length using two 12 foot PS/2 extension cables for a total of 36 feet.

  • AP9335T/TH - This sensor can be extended up to 50 feet (100 feet on NetBotz appliances). To increase the length, you must connect an additional Cat5 cable, connected via an RJ-45 coupler.

  • AP9520T/TH - This sensor connects via A-link communication. The Alink protocol has a maximum distance of 1000 meters (3,280 ft).  However these sensors are connected via Cat5 cabling which has a functional limitation of 100m per length.  For lengths longer than 100m, a repeater device is required to amplify the signal.

Additional information on connecting Environmental Sensors and Probes can be obtained via the User's Manual for the AP9312, AP9319, AP9320, AP9340, and current NetBotz products.


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