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Manual Upgrade process for Version 1 Appliances


Manual Upgrade process for NetBotz Version 1 Appliances

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NetBotz version 1


Firmware upgrade procedure..


Please Note that all version NetBotz appliances are end of life and end of support.

Manual Upgrade process for Version 1 Appliances

This article outlines the manual upgrade procedure for all Version 1 Appliances (300, 303, 310, 400).

--Download & unzip the latest version of the firmware for the Version 1 Appliances.

--Find the appropriate rom.bin file for the type of appliance you are upgrading.

Note that:

--The directory "releases_300" is for 300/303 models

--While the directory "releases" is for the 310/400 models.


--Open a command / DOS prompt in the directory where the appropriate rom.bin file is located.

--Now follow the commands below once you've located the appropriate file:

1. ftp <botz ipaddress> (where <botz ipaddress> is the ip address of the botz unit)
(Login with supervisor acct)

2. quote eraseapp
3. quote reboot
4. quit

Proceed to perform a second ftp session into the Botz device.

1. FTP <botz ipaddress>

(no username/password required)

2. bin (this puts the bot in "Binary" mode

3. put rom.bin (transfers the file/OS to the bot)

4. quote reboot (tells the bot to apply the software after rebooting)

5. quit

--Once the appliance restarts for the final time, it will then be available for usage.

--Browse to the bot and install the latest version of the Advanced View Software.

--This can be downloaded at the following link:

Please be aware that the version 1 NetBotz are End Of Life an no new releases will be developed.
See Knowledge Base document # FA158097
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