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Utilizing the UPS Selector


The UPS Selector/Size-UPS determines the power draw of your equipment by

interviewing you about your system and comparing that information to an

extensive database of actual power measurements for equipment and peripherals.

In addition, Size-UPS has a database for actual power consumption of computer

components such as processors and disk drives. This allows Size-UPS to

determine your load power requirement. Size-UPS requests your preferences for

run time, room for growth, and specific features you wants. Size-UPS has a

mathematical model of every APC UPS that describes the product limits and the

run time of the UPS vs. the load. Using all this information Size-UPS will

select the products that best meet your needs. Size-UPS is even smart enough

to assemble combinations of APC products including battery packs and other

accessories to match your needs.

You will find that Size-UPS will often offer three solutions. The first

suggestion is the closest match to your needs. The other two solutions will

provide options for extended run time or capacity. If you have any further

questions refer to the FAQ's on the Size-UPS page.

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