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Where can I obtain USA support for Schneider Electric Automation Hardware and Software products?

 Support for the following Industry products in the United States can be obtained by calling 888.266.8705 Option 1 or emailing









ConneXium - Gateways, switches and routers

ConneXium – MB /ETHERNET Gateway TSXETG100

ConneXium -  MB+ /ETHERNET BRIDGE 174CEV20040

ConneXium - WiFi

ConneXium Network Manager


FactoryCast Gateway TSXETG1000 TSXETG3000


OPC Factory Server

Modicon ETB

Advantys FTB, FTM, STB, OTB

Advantys Configurator Tool

Modicon ABE7

Modicon ABE9



FactoryCast HMI


Modicon Momentum I/O

Modicon Quantum I/O

Modicon Premium I/O

Modicom Compact I/O

Modicon M340 I/O

Modicon TSX Micro I/O

Modicon TM5 I/O

Modicon TM7 I/O

Legacy Modicon PLCs   1

84/384, 484/500 IO, 584/200 IO, 800 series IO, 884, 984/800 IO

A010/A020/A030, A250/A350/A500, A044/100/200/400/800,

Modicom Compact PLCs

Modicon 1/2/3/4/5/8/984 PLCs

Modicon Atrium PLCs

Modicon M168, M218, M238, M258 PLCs

Modicon M340 PLCs

Modicon Micro PLCs

Modicon Momentum PLCs

Modicon Nano PLCs

Modicon Premium PLCs

Modicon Quantum PLCs

Modicon TSX Micro PLCs

Modicon X80

SYMAX Model 50 Programmaable Controller

SYMAX Process Control Products

SYMAX IOs and STNET Communication Devices

SYMAX Programming Equipment and Peripheral Devices

TSX 17

TSX 27

Twido Programmable controllers (TM2, TWD)

Twido Extreme

PL7 Programmable controllers

Twido Soft


Unity Application Generator

Unity Pro - SoCollaborative software

Concept Programming software

ProWORXNxT Programming software

Proworx32 Programming software                     

Magelis GTO - Advanced Optimum panels

Magelis GTU - Universal panels

Magelis SCU - Small controller panels

Magelis STO, STU - Small Panels

Magelis XBT GC, GT/GK with control - HMI controllers;

Magelis XBT GH - Advanced Panels

Magelis XBT N, R, RT - Small Panels

Magelis XBT GT - Advanced Panels Touchscreen (XBTGT)

Magelis XBT GK - Advanced Panels Keyboard (XBTGK)

Magelis XBT GTW - Advanced Panels Open model (XBTGTW)

Magelis Smart - Embedded Panels

Magelis Compact iPC - PC Panels

Magelis Box PC & Panel PC - PC Box certified for industrial automation

Magelis Smart BOX, Compact PC Box & Flex PC BOX - PC BOX

Magelis iDisplay - Industrial Displays

FactoryCast - Configurable Web gateway

FactoryCast Gateway - Intelligent Web Gateway (TSXETG1000; TSXETG3000)

FactoryCast HMI - Active Web servers and configurable Web gateway (Web Designer)

Magelis XBT H, XBT P, XBT E - Alphanumeric and matrix terminals (XBTH; XBTP; XBTE)

Magelis XBT F, TXBT F - Graphic terminal (TXBTF)

Magelis XBT GT 5.7 inches - Medium size touch screen Advanced Panels

Magelis XBT G - Graphic terminals with touch-sensitive screens (XBTG)

XBL - Keyboards

XBT K, XBT B, XBT A, XBT V... - Legacy XBT operator dialog devices (XBTK; XBTB; XBTA; XBTV)

Factorymate - Legacy Modicon operator dialog software

CCX 17 - Legacy TSX7 alphanumerical operator panel

CCX 57/77 - Legacy TSX7 graphical operator panel

CCX 87 - Legacy TSX7 graphical operator panel

TC2000 - Legacy Modicon graphical operator panel

FT2000 - Legacy TSX7 programming computer

FT2100 - Legacy TSX7 programming computer

FTX417 - Legacy TSX7 programming computer

FTX517 - Legacy TSX7 programming computer

Magelis Modular iPC - Modular industrial PCs

Panelmate - Legacy Modicon alphanumerical operator panel

Vijeo Designer Lite - Configuration software for Small Panels

CitectFacilities - CAFM - facility management software

CitectHistorian - Reporting and analysis tool

CitectSCADA System - CitectSCADA System

Switch2Citect - Software conversion tool

Vijeo Designer - Configuration software for Advanced Panels

Vijeo Historian - Reporting software

Vijeo Citect - Supervision software

Vijeo Look - PC based HMI software

Monitor Pro - PC based SCADA software

XBT L1000 - Configuration software for Magelis terminals (XBTL1000)

Factorylink - Legacy Modicon operator dialog software

Monitor 37 - Legacy TSX7 operator dialog module

Monitor 77 - Legacy TSX7 operator dialog software

MPRO CLIENT SERVER - Legacy TSX7 operator dialog software

OPC/OPP/VIC - Software interface

VIEWSTAR - Legacy AEG operator dialog software

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