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Video: How do I backup StruxureWare Data Center Expert to a Windows share?

How to create a Windows share backup within StruxureWare Data Center Expert.

Product Line:
StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE)

DCE version 6.X to 7.X

DCE backups should be performed on a regular basis.


Creating a Windows Share
1) Create a folder on the Windows system that you would like to be the backup destination.

2) Right-click on the folder and select Properties.

3) Select the Sharing tab and then Share.

4) Add the specific user that you would like DCE to use to connect for storing the backup.

5) Set the user's permission level to be Read/Write.

6) Select Share and then Done.

7) Select Advanced Sharing.

8) Ensure that the Share this folder checkbox is checked and then select Permissions.

9) Add the specific user that you would like DCE to use to connect to this share (same user as step 5).

10) Set the user for Full Control.  Select Apply and OK.

11) Select Apply and OK.
NOTE: You will need the share name, IP address of the windows system the share is stored on, and the credentials for the user you granted full control.

Performing a Backup within DCE
1) Open the DCE client, and go to: System menu > Server Administration Settings > Server Backup/Restore.

2) Select Add Backup.

3) Select Windows Share and Next.

4) Fill in the required share information.
- Server Hostname or IP:  Enter the IP address of the system that contains the windows share. (Hostname can be used if DNS is configured in System > Server Administration Settings > Network Settings)
- Username: User that has read/write permission to the windows share (Steps 3 & 5)
- Password/Verify Password:  Password of the user defined in the username field.
- Domain:  If the computer is on a domain, enter the domain name or workgroup name (Control panel > System)
- Share:  Name of the windows share defined in step 6.
- Subdirectory: If a subdirectory was created in the window share (not required)
- Security:  On Data Center Expert version 7.3.1 and higher, the share security can be defined.  Below v7.3.1 only NTMLv1 is allowed.
- Backup Type: Full, Synchronized, or Configuration

5) Select Test Mount.  If successful, it will inform you that the share was mounted successfully.  Select Next.

6) If desired, you can enable the backup to be performed at specific times on certain days of the week.  Select Finish.

7) Select the backup in the list and then select Start Backup.  You can continue to use the system during the backup process.  When the backup finishes you will see the last backup finish date and last result of the backup.
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