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How to activate the GOTO function in AP5202 ?

Follow the below steps : 

To activate the GOTO function, press F1 or click the F1 menu option at the
top of the main menu screen.
GOTO allows you to switch directly to a port by typing the port's name or
the port ID. The last line on the OSD screen prompts you to select by name
or port ID.
1> To use the name method: type 1 and the port name, then press ENTER.
2> To use the port ID method: type 2 and the port ID, then press ENTER.
3> To return to the OSD main menu screen without selecting a port, press
ESC.     To quickly list the ports of only one KVM when you have multiple
Analog KVM Switches in a cascading configuration, select GOTO,
type the number 2, and enter the station ID of the desired KVM. For
example, enter the station ID 20 to obtain a list of only the ports on
KVM 20.
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