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How to RESTORE DEFAULT VALUES in ADM submenu function for AP5201 model ?

Follow the below steps :

Returns current settings (except username and password)
to the original factory default settings. See OSD default
settings for a complete list of settings that are returned to
default.  OSD default settings
The F4: ADM Restore Default Values function restores the following
settings to their factory defaults:
Setting Default
Port ID display position : Upper-left corner
Port ID display duration  : 3 seconds
Port ID display mode : Port Number + Port Name
Scan duration : 5 seconds
Scan/Skip mode : ALL
Screen Blanker : 0 (disabled)
Hotkey Command Mode : ON
Logout timeout : 0 (disabled)
Beeper  :Y (activated)
Accessible ports : F (full) for all users on all ports Set Quick View Ports : None
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