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How to activate the OSD main menu in AP5201 ?

Follow the below steps : 

1. If you are already logged in, press the pre-assigned Hot Key (SCROLL LOCK) twice in rapid succession.
2. On initial startup, to access the OSD menus, do either of the following at the KVM login screen:
a. Enter a valid username in the username field, press TAB, enter a valid password in the password field, and press ENTER.
b For a first-time KVM activation, or if the username and password have not been set, leave the username and password fields blank, and press ENTER.
Optionally, you can assign the control key as the main menu Hot Key. See OSD HOTKEY.

Analog KVM Switch

If you logged on as either Administrator or User, the OSD main menu is displayed. Administrator mode provides access to both Administrator and
User functions and lets you set up operations (including future password authorization). OSD HOTKEY: Selects which Hot Key combination activates the OSD:
press SCROLL LOCK twice or press CTRL twice. The default Hot Key combination is SCROLL LOCK. The CTRL
Hot Key combination may conflict with other programs running on computers
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