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How to do Recovering From a Lost Password in Netbotz 200?

Please follow below mentioned steps for recovering from lost password :

Use a local computer connected to the Main Module to access the control console.
1. Select a serial port at the local computer; disable any service that uses the port.
2. Connect the serial cable (APC part number 940-0024 or 940-1524) to the
selected port on the computer and to the RS-232 Console Port at the Main
3. Run a terminal program (such as HyperTerminal
®) on your computer and
configure the selected port to have 9600 bps, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit,
and no flow control.
4. Press
ENTER, repeatedly if necessary, to display the User Name prompt. If you
are unable to display the User Name prompt, verify the following:
• The serial port is not in use by another application.
• The terminal settings are correct as specified in step 3.
• The correct cable is being used as specified in step 2.
5. Press the Reset button on the front of the Main Module. The Status LED will
flash alternately orange and green. Press the Reset button a second time
immediately while the LED is flashing to reset the user name and password to
their defaults temporarily.
6. Press
ENTER as many times as necessary to redisplay the User Name prompt,
then use the default, apc, for the user name and password. (If you take longer
than 30 seconds to log on after the User Name prompt is redisplayed, you must
repeat step 5 and log on again.)
7. From the Control Console menu, select System, then User Manager.
8. Select Administrator, and change the User Name and Password settings,
both of which are now defined as apc.
9. Select Accept changes.
10. Press
CTRL+C, log off, reconnect any serial cable you disconnected, and restart
any service you disabled.
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