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How to Log On to the Web Interface in AP86** model ?

You can use the DNS name or System IP address of the Rack PDU for the URL address of the Web
interface. Use your case-sensitive user name and password to log on.
The default user name and password for the Super User are both apc. For all other user types,
there is no default user name or password. The Super User or an Administrator created by the
Super User, must define the user name and password and other account characteristics for these
Note: If you are using HTTPS (SSL/TLS) as your access protocol, your login credentials are
compared with information in a server certificate. If the certificate was created with the Security
Wizard, and an IP address was specified as the common name in the certificate, you must use an IP
address to log on to the Rack PDU. If a DNS name was specified as the common name on the
certificate, you must use a DNS name to log on.
URL address formats
Type the DNS name or IP address of the Rack PDU in the Web browser’s URL address field and
press ENTER. When you specify a non-default Web server port in Internet Explorer, you must include
http:// or https:// in the URL.
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