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How to Configure UPS connection settings using UPS terminal mode in Smart-UPS SRC1000ICCIND / SRC1000UXIND ?

Connect the serial cable to the serial port on the back of the UPS. If using USB communication to the UPS,
disconnect USB cable prior to connecting serial cable.
1. Open a terminal program, such as HyperTerminal
From the Desktop, go to: Start, Programs, Accessories, Communication, HyperTerminal
2. Follow the prompts to choose a name and select an icon. Disregard the message, "...must install a modem”
if it is displayed. Click Cancel
3. Go to File, Properties. Select the COM port that is connected to your UPS. The port settings are:
– bits per second - 2400
– data - bits 8
– parity - none
– stop bit - 1
– flow control - none
4. Click OK in each of two windows
5. Press ENTER
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