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Customer Service

For all other non-technical inquiries, such as price and availability, order status or tracking. 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM ( Sunday-Thursday)

Corporate Headquarters

Sagid House,
Industrial Park "Hasharon",
Israel 60920

Call: *6798 / +972 9 830 55 29

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Government & Education

You need purchasing information government or education organizations.

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Preferred Partner Support

You need support or are not sure if your company is a partner

Call: *6798 / +972 9 830 55 29 Email

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Locate an APC trained reseller for more product and application knowledge

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APC products are also available through these online resellers

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Battery Sales

You need to replace the battery on your UPS.

Call: +972 9 830 5555 ext. 252 Email

Service Sales Support

You own an APC product and would like to buy services for it.

Call: +972 9 830 5555 ext. 252 Services Selector

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Our tech support agents can help you with technical questions. Please have your model and serial numbers available.

Media Contacts

Press Contact & Marketing Contact

Emese Berkes
ITB Marcom Manager Central-Eastern Europe

Call: +36 1 382 2740 Email


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