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Configure multiple server shutdown, manual adjustments to the PwrChute.ini file

"PowerChute plus v4.2.x for Novell NetWare is running on a NetWare 3 or NetWare
4 file server. For some reason, problems exist when attempting to execute a
session with the PowerChute plus graphical user interface at a NetWare
workstation (either Pwrchute.exe from the DOS environment or Winchute.exe from
the MS Windows, MS Windows for Workgroups, or MS Windows 95 environment). It
is also desired to configure the multiple server shutdown feature of PowerChute
plus in order to shut down additional Novell NetWare file server(s) that are
protected by the same UPS unit.

First, please reference Appendix E of the PowerChute plus User's Guide in order
to fully understand the setup and functionality of the multiple server shutdown
feature. Without executing the PowerChute plus graphical user interface, it is
necessary to manually edit the file Pwrchute.ini, which is located in the file
server's directory Pwrchute. Command lines must be inserted into a new
FlexEvent section entitled [PrepareForShutdown]. The new section heading must
be designated by surrounding square brackets and be syntactically correct (as
shown below).

At the end of the file Pwrchute.ini, insert the following command lines via a
DOS-based or Windows-based text editor (or via loading the EDIT.NLM at the file
server's console command prompt):
[ PrepareForShutdown ]
CommandFile = {complete server's directory path to the .NCF file, including the
file name}
CommandFileDelay = {number of seconds to wait before file execution}
Actions = LUSC
Also, ensure that the appropriate command file (with .NCF extension in the file
name) has been successfully created with the appropriate load command for the
Apcrdown.nlm, as described in Appendix E of the PowerChute plus User's Guide.
Note: The CommandFileDelay setting is optional. If you add this setting, APC
strongly recommends to set it to 0. This will allow the maximum time to allow
the file server to execute the appropriate command file prior to the file
server completing its shutdown.
Example: Here is an example of PrepareForShutdown section of the Pwrchute.ini
file. In this example, the command file previously created by the user has
been named DOWN.NCF (in the example of Appendix E of the PowerChute plus User's
Guide, it is referred to as apc_sc.ncf). This file has been placed in a
directory called MSS, which is a subdirectory of the file server's SYS:Pwrchute
directory. The command file is set to execute 5 seconds after the PowerChute
plus FlexEvent PrepareForShutdown occurs.
The new FlexEvent section would appear as follows:
[ PrepareForShutdown ]
CommandFileDelay = 5
Actions = LUSC"
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