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New Product

APC Expands Basic Rack PDU Product Family Offering With Additional SKUs

Basic Rack PDU

APC Basic Rack PDUs provide reliable rack power distribution via a single input with multiple output receptacles and distributes power from low amperage single phase circuits to higher-power 3-phase solutions.

Basic Rack PDU - APC
Part Number: AP6003A, AP6009A, AP6015A, AP6020A, AP6032A, AP6038A, AP6120A
End of Life Product

InRow 600mm CW Enhacement - PHASEOUT

InRow Chilled Water Cooling

PHASEOUT - Schneider Electric’s family of 600mm wide InRow CW units has been enhanced with the release of 6 new models. The newest InRows have more features and a new look, including a large color touch screen display and upgraded cyber security for today's secure IT environments.

InRow Chilled Water Cooling - APC
Part Number: ACRC500, ACRC501, ACRC502, ACRP500, ACRP501, ACRP502

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