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Introducing Schneider Electric's New Prefabricated Solutions for Small and Remote Applications

SmartShelter Container

Schneider Electric announces new Prefabricated Data Center Solutions ideally suited for edge-of-network and remote installations, where latency, bandwidth and security are of paramount importance. The development team has pre-engineered a new line of base designs in an ISO container format, called SmartShelter Containers, adding the existing line of prefabricated SmartShelter IT Modules. These containers are available as All-In-One units that include the entire infrastructure (racks, UPS, Precision Cooling, Condensers, Power Distribution, ATS and monitoring and management), or as single IT modules without the UPS or condenser. All of the modules are assembled, tested and packaged at a Schneider Electric facility. With the introduction of this line, Schneider is now positioned to lead the prefabricated data center industry with the most complete line of prefab solutions, customer references, global sales/partner network, and service support from planning to operation.

SmartShelter Container - APC
Part Number: PFMICC096F1R12B, PFMICH120C1R14B, PFMICJ016F1R04B, PFMICJ032F1R05B, PFMICJ050F1R12B

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