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End of Life Product

UPS Management accessories and cables: End of sales

Additional Management Cards and Options

As communicated in the 3rd August 2016 announcement, the following UPS Management accessories and cables have reached the "End of Sales" stage after a 6 month period. AP9825 UPS extension Cable (15m/50ft) AP9825I UPS extension Cable Isolate (15m/50ft) AP9807 APC Communication Cable for Hitachi Thunder Storage AP9840 Cisco Unity Express UPS Simple Signaling Cable AP9604S SILCON Triple Chassis Protocol Converter AP9207 APC Share-UPS These SKUs do not support the SMT, SMX, SURTD or SRT Smart-UPS and there are no replacement SKUs planned for them.

Additional Management Cards and Options - APC
Part Number: AP9207, AP9807, AP9825, AP9825I, AP9840

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