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How to Enter an Order on MySE

How do I enter an order on My Schneider Electric?

The Order Entry page of the My Schneider Electric (USA MySE / Canada MySE) site allows you to create an Order and details of your Purchase Order number, Quantity, Catalog or Product number of each product item you are ordering. You then submit your order though the validation process and receive your confirmation.

You can import single/ multiple line items to order entry from your Shopping cart, Text file, Draft order and Product catalog. The system gives you the ability to mass update/ delete line items during the order entry process and round your quantities to standard package quantities.

How do I add Special Delivery and Marking Instructions in My Schneider Electric?

The Order Header page is used to change Customer ID, Delivery Service, Alternate Shipping Address, Do Not Ship Before Date, etc and select if Urgent / Same Day Shipping is required. The Order Markings field reflects any comments or instructions you require for the order.

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