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SRT UPS reports: Battery Charger Event, Event Code 142

The UPS reports: Battery Charger Event – event code 142 on the display or in the NMC event logs

Product Line:
SRT Models
This event may be caused by a blown charger fuse, or bad batteries.
To determine what requires replacement, with AC mains present, disconnect all the batteries in the system, i.e. all internal batteries and any external batteries if used. Go to Battery Status on the display and check Voltage. If voltage is below the “SKU voltage level” (refer to the below values), the charger fuse is blown and the UPS requires replacement. If voltage is at or above “SKU voltage level, the batteries need to be replaced.
Models SKU voltage level
SRT 2.2kVA models 80V 
SRT 3kVA models 100V 
SRT 5-6kVA models 200V   
SRT 8-10kVA models 200V 
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