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Video: How do I update the firmware on APC and NetBotz devices being monitored by StruxureWare Data Center Expert?

How do I perform a mass firmware upgrade on APC devices from StruxureWare Data Center Expert?

Product line:
  • StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE)
  • StruxureWare Central

  • StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE)
  • APC Network Management Card (NMC) firmware upgrades
  • NetBotz firmware upgrades

This article explains how to apply firmware upgrades from the DCE Client.


1) Open the DCE Client and go to: Updates menu > Apply Firmware Updates.

2) Select Check Updates to pull in the most recent firmware updates from
NOTE: The firmware catalog file may need to be manually added if the DCE server is on a restricted network.  See knowledge base FA226042 for instructions.
NOTE: To see what information needs to be allowed through your network security to pull in the updates see knowledge base FA293307.

3) Check the boxes for the upgrades that you wish to perform.  You can select the root firmware trees or you can navigate down and check only a specific device.
NOTE: When checking a device, ensure to look at the Update Description field to see what was updated on the firmware.
NOTE: Ensure that within the Device File Transfer Settings that the administrator credentials of the devices are listed with the correct protocol, port, and IP Range settings.

4) Select Apply to start the firmware upgrade process.

5) A firmware update status pane will show and will provide different status messages depending on the phase of the upgrade currently being performed.

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