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Enhancing Rack PDUs with Rack Systems Capabilities in Customization - Wave 1

Custom Rack Power Distribution

The latest evolution of Rack Systems Customization business brings enhanced customization capabilities to the Rack Power Distribution offer with.... First, Supply Chain and Configuration Optimization -Rapid Prototype Lab - quickly deliver on customer requests for samples during the bid process -Supply Chain Enablement - local factory agreement & development to modify and customize in stock Rack PDUs -Rack PDU Configurator - available in Design Portal digitizing the Rack PDU selection and configuration All laying the ground work to deliver a new flexible platform. Second, Evolving the Rack PDU offer -New architecture for Rack PDUs more flexible than ever allowing new outlet configurations & combinations Lastly, our organization needs to move from selling catalog/standard SKUs to selling Custom via an approach that starts with selling our capabilities to solve problems for customers.

Custom Rack Power Distribution - APC
Артикул: AP8000
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Cisco Certifies all NetShelter SX Family for Pre-racking & Shipping Cisco UCS with New Cert Process!

Custom Racks

For partners and integrators that “rack and stack” Cisco UCS they can do so now and maintain the Cisco UCS warranty when utilizing ANY NetShelter SX IT cabinet with shock packaging - including wide/tall/deep & customized cabinets and Micro Datacenter SX solutions. Before this certification – shipping in a non-Cisco rack would void the UCS warranty. UCS would ship separate for onsite install. With a vendor neutral IT cabinet design, whether heavy or light load, datacenter, colocation or remote office/branch office solution we can support this beneficial time and cost saving method of deployment on any device helping partners and their customers move faster than ever before with their IT deployments! In addition to this exciting news, there is also a new process for certifying new or non-validated APC cabinets & enclosures. Contact your account manager today with requirements outside this certification to fast track your rack and stack projects with APC + Cisco together!

Custom Racks - APC
Артикул: AR3000, AR3100SP, AR3104SP1, AR3105SP, AR3107SP, AR3150SP, AR3157SP, AR3300SP, AR3307SP, AR3350SP, AR3357SP, MDC24SX3KVAI, MDC24SX3KVAT, MDC42SX5KVAI, MDC42SX5KVAT
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SurgeArrest Home/Office 1 Outlet Wall Tap 230V Black (PM1WB-GR)

SurgeArrest Home/Office

The new APC SurgeArrest Home / Office 1 outlet Black is a new simplified design with quality features and the legendary reliability of APC by Schneider Electric. This launch includes a 1 outlet product suited for the home/office user. This product provide protection from lightning, surges and spikes. Lightning and power surges can destroy unprotected electronic equipment. Voltage fluctuations can cause keyboard lockups, loss of work and will degrade electronics over time. The new APC SurgeArrest PM1 series is guaranteed to protect your home and office electronics from the constant threat of dangerous power disturbances.

SurgeArrest Home/Office - APC
Артикул: PM1WB-GR

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