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Airflow Management

Schneider Electric's HyperPod successfully addresses the growing trend of IT equipment being deployed rack-by-rack, rather than server-by-server. The freestanding structure allows all of the neccessary supporting infrastructure to be deployed long before the racks arrive at site, from aisle containment & cooling pipework, to power and data cable distribution support. HyperPod simplifies the design process, reduces deployment cycle times and provides the flexibility to support phased rack deployments, all delivered in the cost effective nature Data Center operators demand

Airflow Management - APC
Numéro de référence: FS-AC-1001-U, FS-AC-2001-U, FS-AC-3001-B, FS-AC-3002-B, FS-AC-3003-B, FS-AC-4001-B, FS-AC-4002-B, FS-AC-4003-B, FS-AC-4004-B, FS-AC-4005-B, FS-AC-4006-B, FS-AC-5001-U, FS-AC-5002-U, FS-AC-5003-U, FS-AC-5004-U, FS-AC-6001-B, FS-AC-7001-B, FS-AC-7002-B, FS-AC-7003-B, FS-AC-8001-U, FS-AC-8002-U, FS-AC-8003-U, FS-AC-8004-U, FS-DR-1001-B, FS-DR-2001-B, FS-FM-1001-B, FS-FM-1002-B, FS-FM-2001-B, FS-FM-3001-B, FS-FM-4001-B, FS-FM-4002-B, FS-FM-5001-B, FS-RF-1001-B, FS-RF-2001-U, FS-RF-2002-U, FS-RF-2003-U, FS-RF-3001-U, FS-RF-3002-U, FS-RF-3003-U, FS-RF-3004-U, FS-RF-3005-U, FS-RF-3006-U, FS-RF-5001-B, FS-RF-5002-B, FS-RF-5003-B, FS-WI-1001-U, FS-WI-1002-B, FS-WI-1003-B
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Micro Data Center Xpress

Micro Data Centers

Ideally suited for edge-of-network applications, where latency, bandwidth & security are of paramount importance, Mirco Data Center deliver in a single enclosure power, cooling & management software to support a self contained, secure computing environment. These solutions make it easy and cost effective to add data center capacity anywhere & anytime it is needed, in both indoor and outdoor environments. These customizable designs include physical enclosure, UPS, PDU, cooling, software, environmental monitoring & security all tested, assembled and packaged at a Schneider Electric facility and then shipped. To gain the advantage of simplified deployment of Converged & Hyperconverged IT, Schneider Electric offers: 1. Pre-installed physical infrastructure including UPS, PDU and active cooling (FX only) 2. High strength designs and special packaging to allow IT equipment to be installed and shipped to customers. 3. Available regionally for short lead times, 2-3 weeks.

Numéro de référence: MDC24SX3KVAI, MDC42SX5KVAI

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