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EcoStruxure Asset Advisor, our cloud-enabled remote monitoring service

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor

Schneider Electric introduces EcoStruxure Asset Advisor, a cloud-based remote monitoring service that delivers data center insights directly to your smartphone. Maximize protection of critical equipment by choosing to connect Schneider Electric experts 24x7. Connect all intelligent devices to the EcoStruxure Expert IT - Mobile Insights app (free): - Connects any intelligent asset. - Notifies alarms. - Provides live sensor data. - Onboarding and device discovery is fast and simple. Select critical devices for the EcoStruxure Asset Advisor Service - Allows you to choose critical assets for event management and service tracking. - Uses event correlation and smart alarms - Provides live sensor data and history - Facilitates collaboration via mobile team chat function that captures history and issue status. - Provides access to experienced Service Bureau - Issues recommendations based on analytics and peer data - Onboarding and device discovery is fast and simple.

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor - APC
Numéro de référence: WDISEM1YR1N
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Cloud Connected Smart-UPS with APC SmartConnect


Select Smart-UPS units now boast an ingenious connectivity feature that makes the legendary devices even more adaptable and even easier to deploy: APC SmartConnect – an enabling feature that allows customers to view the status of their UPS through a secure web portal. Through this innovative remote management interface, customers will receive automatic notifications, firmware updates, and advanced support. APC SmartConnect’s easy-to-use network connectivity provides added value – and more importantly – added peace of mind.

Smart-UPS - APC
Numéro de référence: SMC1000I-2UC, SMC1000IC, SMC1500I-2UC, SMC1500IC, SMT1000IC, SMT1000RMI2UC, SMT1500IC, SMT1500RMI2UC
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Ecoflair Indirect Air Economizer (250-500kW) Europe

Ecoflair Air Economizers

Schneider Electric announces the release of Ecoflair, the next generation of Indirect Air Economizers. These new large capacity units (250-500kW) enable cloud and colo customers to maximize the power and white space available for IT equipment, while simultaneously preserving their capital. Ecoflair has improved efficiencies for both water and power consumption and, through customization, provides great flexibility to meet customer requirements. In addition, Ecoflair indirect air economizers mitigate environmental risk to the data center and increase availability. These benefits, combined with easy serviceability and global support, make Ecoflair the smart cooling choice for large data centers today.

Ecoflair Air Economizers - APC
Numéro de référence: IAEC25, IAEC50
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Galaxy VX sku expansion - Galaxy VX now expandable from 500kW or 750kW up to 1500kW with 4 new skus

Galaxy VX

Schneider Electric today introduced the completion of the Galaxy VX™ product range by adding further expandable options from 500/750kW up to 1250/1500kW. This introduction will allow for further deployment flexibility and capital expenditure management for large facilities, data centers and business-critical applications. In addition to this launch, we are expanding our industry-leading portfolio of prefabricated data center power modules with a 1 MW Power enclosure, offering best-in-class components and innovative systems including the highly energy efficient Galaxy VX. This pre-engineered power solution provides fast, reliable critical power for our large and extra-large data center customers. Galaxy VX and prefab power modules offer Lithium-ion battery solutions for longer run times in a smaller footprint. Both products are "EcoStruxure Ready," for enterprise level management of your critical data center power solution.

Numéro de référence: GVX500K1250HS, GVX500K1500HS, GVX750K1250HS

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