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Can I add receptacles to a Symmetra LX tower model?


My Symmetra LX tower UPS shipped with no output receptacles on the rear.  Is it possible to add them so that I may connect equipment directly to the UPS rather than hardwiring?

Product Line

Symmetra LX


Tower models only (SKU does not contain "RM)


Rack-mountable Symmetra LX systems ship with backplate PDUs installed but systems shipped in a tower configuration do not.  Tower models were designed to have the input and output hardwired by an electrician.  This document answers the question as to whether or not it is possible to add output receptacles once the UPS has been purchased.


If there is a need for receptacles on the back of a Symmetra LX tower system for the direct connection of devices, it is possible to add them.

Symmetra LX systems that are scalable to 8kva can accept (2) backplate PDUs.

Symmetra LX systems that are scalable to 16kva can accept (4) backplate PDUs.

There is an exception: Symmetra LX systems with an integrated XR frame can only accept (3) backplate PDUs.  The area that would house the fourth PDU is inaccessible.  There is a warning sticker in this area to denote that this is not possible.  These systems can be identified by looking for "XR" in the model number.  Some examples include SYA16K16PXR, SYAF16KXR9T, SYA12K16IXR. 

For more information about installation of these PDUs, please reference the documentation that accompanies the PDU that was purchased.


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