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Netbotz / InfraStruXure Central supplemental OID configuration


Netbotz / InfraStruXure Central supplemental OID configuration

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InfraStruxure Central


InfraStruxure Central any version
NetBotz any version


When configuring Netbotz products to monitor SNMP devices through device scanners or device crawlers, there is an option for "Supplemental OIDs". If there are some devices that are not supported by default or there are specific data points that you would like to query from an SNMP target, you can add a supplemental OID from the device's vendor specific MIB.


Once you find the correct OID, leave out the leading period from the OID and make sure there is an instance appended to the end of the OID. The OID below is a sample that would return the model name of an APC UPS:

Netbotz / ISXC would need the OID entered this way:

Please note the leading period is removed and the instance of '0' has been added.

OIDs with multiple instances must be added multiple times, each with it's own instance. The following shows the outlet state of an APC switched rack PDU (rPDUOutletStatusOutletState) for outlets 1 and 4:

Once added to the Supplemental OID list, these data points will be polled on each device and if the device supports this specific OID, it will display it with the list of sensors for that device.

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