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Conext Battery Backup

A sudden black out or loss of power could result in lost or damaged files or hardware damage to your computer system. A jolt of lightning sending a spike or surge of electricity through your outlets or phone lines could 'fry' and permanently damage your computer system. Conext Battery Back Up units effectively protect you from these dangers by providing the necessary battery back up to allow you to save your data and safely shutdown your system.

  • Protect your sensitive computer equipment and valuable data.
  • 7 Protected Outlets - 4 battery and surge, 3 surge only
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)- provides extended runtime and longer battery life
  • Conext Shutdown Manager software included - Windows Compatible Automatic File Saving Automatic Safe Shutdown
  • Telephone line surge protection
Conext 750VA Battery Back Up
Conext 950VA Battery Back Up

Questions? For technical support please visit our support pages. Or email support at support@conextproducts.com.