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NetShelter SX now Cisco Certified for Pre-racking & Shipping Cisco UCS

NetShelter SX

APC by Schneider Electric, the leading provider of physical infrastructure for data centers and integrated IT solutions is proud to announce - the NetShelter SX with Shock Packaging has undergone the rigorous packaging testing and approval process with Cisco for pre-racking and shipping their UCS products... and is NOW CERTIFIED by Cisco! APC has been the rack, power, and cooling powerhouse for high density UCS solutions in the past, now with this certification, the option to PRE-INTEGRATE a Cisco UCS solution in APC rack infrastructure and SHIP IT provides an end-to-end experience and plug-and-play solution for our partners and end customers. Before this certification – if a full rack was configured and shipped with Cisco UCS, Cisco would not warranty the UCS products when shipped in an APC rack. UCS would ship individually for onsite install or ship in an approved rack.

NetShelter SX - APC
Numéro de référence: AR3100SP, AR3104SP1, AR3105SP, AR3107SP, AR3150SP, AR3155SP, AR3157SP, AR3300SP, AR3305SP, AR3307SP, AR3350SP, AR3355SP, AR3357SP

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