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Airflow Management

APC by Schneider Electric's next generation IT pod successfully addresses the growing trend of IT equipment being deployed rack-by-rack, rather than server-by-server. The freestanding structure allows all of the neccessary supporting infrastructure to be deployed long before the racks arrive at site, from aisle containment & cooling pipework, to power and data cable distribution support. HyperPod simplifies the design process, reduces deployment cycle times and provides the flexibility to support phased rack deployments, all delivered in the cost effective nature Data Center operators demand.

Airflow Management - APC
Numéro de référence: FS-AC-1001-U, FS-AC-2001-U, FS-AC-3001-B, FS-AC-3002-B, FS-AC-3003-B, FS-AC-4001-B, FS-AC-4002-B, FS-AC-4003-B, FS-AC-4004-B, FS-AC-4005-B, FS-AC-4006-B, FS-AC-5001-U, FS-AC-5002-U, FS-AC-5003-U, FS-AC-5004-U, FS-AC-6001-B, FS-AC-7001-B, FS-AC-7002-B, FS-AC-7003-B, FS-AC-8001-U, FS-AC-8002-U, FS-AC-8003-U, FS-AC-8004-U, FS-DR-1001-B, FS-DR-2001-B, FS-FM-1001-B, FS-FM-1002-B, FS-FM-2001-B, FS-FM-3001-B, FS-FM-4001-B, FS-FM-4002-B, FS-FM-5001-B, FS-RF-1001-B, FS-RF-2001-U, FS-RF-2002-U, FS-RF-2003-U, FS-RF-3001-U, FS-RF-3002-U, FS-RF-3003-U, FS-RF-3004-U, FS-RF-3005-U, FS-RF-3006-U, FS-RF-5001-B, FS-RF-5002-B, FS-RF-5003-B, FS-WI-1001-U, FS-WI-1002-B, FS-WI-1003-B
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Next Generation Smart-UPS On-Line SRT 1000VA and 1500VA 120V

Replacement Battery Cartridges

APC has enhanced its Smart-UPS On-Line offering to address the growing needs of space constrained, power dense server rooms and network closets. The power consumption and availability requirements for IT equipment is increasing and customers require a UPS which can handle more power in less space and offer excellent power quality and efficiency in a flexible design with features making it easy to install, operate, and service in almost any environment. The new Smart-UPS On-Line models include "green mode", an interactive graphical LCD user interface, predictive battery replacement date and switched outlet groups.

Replacement Battery Cartridges - APC
Numéro de référence: APCRBC155, SRT013, SRT1000RMXLA, SRT1000RMXLA-NC, SRT1000XLA, SRT1500RMXLA, SRT1500RMXLA-NC, SRT1500XLA, SRT48BP, SRT48RMBP
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Netshelter CX High Security Handle Adaptor Kit

NetShelter CX

Modification of the Netshelter CX High Security Handle Adaptor Kit to accomodate new handle that is supplied as part of the Netbotz Rack Access Kit. The NetShelter CX High Security Handle Adapter Kit is a user fitted accessory which will increase the security of the NetShelter CX when used with 'APC combination lock handles' or 'NetBotz Access Control'. When fitted with 'NetBotz Access Control' it will enable remote and local access control The Handle Adapter Kit consists of door brackets which replaces the originally installed handles on NetShelter CX. One kit is needed per NetShelter CX. Compatible with all generations of NetShelter CX 18U, 24U & 38U - this Kit can be retro-fitted to NetShelter CX already in the field, or to newly purchased units

NetShelter CX - APC
Numéro de référence: AR4602A

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