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New Product

NetBotz Camera Products - Back in Stock This Month

NetBotz 300

NetBotz cameras products are back in stock this month, which includes SKUs NBWL0355/6, NBWL0455/6, and NBPD0160. This means that the full suite of NetBotz products are back and available, ready to be a simple and important attachment to all Infrastruxure solutions.

NetBotz 300 - APC
Part Number: NBPD0160, NBWL0355, NBWL0356, NBWL0455, NBWL0456
End of Life Product

Discontinuation of Smart-UPS 1500-3000VA 120V UPS Bundle & Optional preinstalled NMC


The APC Smart-UPS 750VA Rack/Tower, 1500VA Tower and 1500-3000VA Rack-rmount models that have either a bundled option or customized option with preinstalled Network Management Card are transitioning to a different model number and upgrading the preinstalled Network Management Card from the AP9630 to the AP9631 card with temperature and humidity probe for better environmental monitioring. This new offering will allow for a faster install and setup of the UPS for the customer ensuring that devices at the networked edge maintain connection to critical business applications during power disturbances. The Network Management card allows for remote monitoring and control of the power environment. Model Number transitions to the new products will be as follows: SMX750-NMC to SMX750NC, SMT1500R2-NMC & SMT1500R2X180 to SMT1500RM2UNC, SMT1500X448 to SMT1500NC, SMT2200R2X180 to SMT2200RM2UNC and SMT3000R2X180 to SMT3000RM2UNC.

Smart-UPS - APC
Part Number: SMT1500R2-NMC, SMT1500R2X180, SMT1500X448, SMT2200R2X180, SMT3000R2X180, SMX750-NMC

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