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NetShelter SX3K Integrator Ready Cabinet up to 3500lb (1587kg)

Integrator Ready Racks

This industry leading design allows you to go ahead and load it up! Don’t ever again let your racks load capacity drag your enterprise down. With support up to 3500lb (1587kg) of equipment weight the NetShelter SX High Strength Edition handles even the heaviest of IT loads! “Rack and stack” now made Easy for Equipment Integrators Shipping Converged, Hyperconverged, Cloud infrastructure, and dense storage systems. These cabinets are designed to safely load, transport, unload and deploy a cabinet with up to 3500lb (1600kg) of IT equipment installed.

Integrator Ready Racks - APC
Part Number: AR9000RAMP, AR9300SP, AR9307SP

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