Combining a physical infrastructure with Struxureware DCIM Software allows organizations to simply and efficiently deliver a complete, highly energy efficient IT solution that is pre-tested, optimized and able to be rapidly installed throughout any organization, from remote offices to the cloud. These APC management tools allow for remote data and network management that seamlessly integrates with EMC hardware, reducing the need and cost of onsite IT support staff. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced risk: Pre-validated configurations help ensure proper installation of the current applications on the new infrastructure.
  • Accelerated deployment: Unified, standardized architecture reduces transition downtime and management overhead.
  • Flexibility: A wide variety of applications and workloads are supported through reliable hardware and software combinations.
  • Modular¬†infrastructure: Allows IT to build a right-sized data center and avoid wasted resources.
  • Pretested solutions¬†are proven to work, which reduces overall deployment, procurement, and setup time.

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