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New Product

APC UPS Network Management Card v6.5.6 - BACnet/IP support for single phase Smart-UPS and Symmetra

Firmware Upgrades

The APC UPS Network Management Card firmware v6.5.6 now supports Building Automation and Control Networks via Ethernet (IP) media (BACnet/IP, pending certification) for APC Smart-UPS and single phase Symmetra UPSs. This firmware update will now allow users to integrate their UPS with existing management systems like Industrial and Process Automation, SCADA communication networks, Home and Building, and Office or Outdoor Management using BACnet/IP. Download the UPS Network Management Card 2 firmware v6.5.6 (SFSUMX656, SFSY656 and language packs) from APC Software/Firmware downloads page at http://www.apc.com/tools/download.

Part Number: SFSUMX656, SFSUMX656LP1, SFSUMX656LP2, SFSY656, SFSY656LP1, SFSY656LP2
End of Life Product

Product Withdrawl of APC Mobile Power Packs

Mobile Power Packs

Following a business review of the APC portfolio, the decision has been made to strategically focus on our core APC Back-UPS and SurgeArrest product families and as a result, we will exist the APC Mobile Power Pack business. Therefore, APC by Schneider Electric will no longer offer APC Mobile Power Packs as part of the APC personal power protection portfolio. We are currently out of stock but will have some inventory available from the end of May 2018 to fulfil back orders and will continue to accept orders only while stock lasts. This includes all varieties of mobile power packs (M3, M5 and M10 series).

Mobile Power Packs - APC
Part Number: M10BK, M10WH, M12BK, M3BK, M3BL, M3PMBK, M3RD, M3SR, M3TM, M5BK, M5WH

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