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User Access Levels for Version 1 Netbotz Appliances


User Access Levels for Version 1 Netbotz Appliances

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NetBotz version 1


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User Access Levels for Version 1 Appliances

The Netbotz 300, 303, 310, 400 series appliances have 3 levels of access:

Sensor Access -lets you view camera image and sensor readings only.

Application Access -gives Sensor Access plus ability to view information from any licensed applications (Device Crawlers, Advanced Device Crawlers, or Branch Checker).

Supervisor Access- provides all of the capabilities of the two previous levels plus the ability to change configuration settings and thresholds.

Each access level can be secured with a userid and password.

The user id's and passwords are not transmitted encrypted.

These appliances does not support SSL. If there is a requirement to prevent viewing beyond the user id/pswd security described, it would need to be done through access control with a router or firewall.

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