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Differences between AP7xxx and AP7xxxB PDU's

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This knowledge base is intended to summarize and provide information on the differences between rPDU SKU's AP7xxx and AP7xxxB

Product Line
  • AP7xxx rack PDU's
  • AP7xxxB rack PDU's 
  • All serial numbers

PDU models with part number AP7xxxB have an embedded NMC2, and as such will have a different interface and firmware support from the standard AP7xxx series. A key difference of the AP7xxxB models includes a command-line driven Serial/Telnet interface, opposed to the menu-driven style of the AP7xxx units:

The new SKU's are as follows:
Type Description SKU New SKU
Metered AP7800 - Rack PDU, Metered, 1U AP7800 AP7800B
Metered AP7801 - Rack PDU, Metered, 1U AP7801 AP7801B
Metered AP7802 - Rack PDU, Metered, 2U AP7802 AP7802B
Metered AP7802J - Rack PDU, Metered, 2U AP7802J AP7802BJ
Metered AP7811 - Rack PDU, Metered, 2U AP7811 AP7811B
Metered AP7820 - Rack PDU, Metered, 1U AP7820 AP7820B
Metered AP7821 - Rack PDU, Metered, 1U AP7821 AP7821B
Metered AP7822 - Rack PDU, Metered, 2U AP7822 AP7822B
Metered AP7850 - Rack PDU, Metered, 0U AP7850 AP7850B
Metered AP7869 - Rack PDU, Metered,0U AP7869 AP7869B
Metered AP7899 - Rack PDU, Metered,0U AP7899 AP7899B
Switched AP7900 - Rack PDU, Switched, 1U AP7900 AP7900B
Switched AP7901 - Rack PDU, Switched, 1U AP7901 AP7901B
Switched AP7902 - Rack PDU, Switched, 2U AP7902 AP7902B
Switched AP7902J - Rack PDU, Switched, 2U AP7902J AP7902BJ
Switched AP7911A - Rack PDU, Switched, 2U AP7911A AP7911B
Switched AP7920 - Rack PDU, Switched, 1U AP7920 AP7920B
Switched AP7921 - Rack PDU, Switched, 1U AP7921 AP7921B
Switched AP7922 - Rack PDU, Switched, 2U AP7922 AP7922B
Switched AP7950 - Rack PDU, Switched, 0U AP7950 AP7950B
Switched AP7968 - Rack PDU, Switched, 0U AP7968 AP7968B
Switched AP7998 - Rack PDU, Switched, 0U AP7998 AP7998B

Metered AP7851 - RackPDU,Metered, 0U AP7851 AP8858
Metered AP7853 - Rack PDU, Metered, 0U, AP7853 AP8853
Metered AP7823 - APC Rack PDU, Metered, 2U, AP7823 AP8870
Metered AP7855A - Rack PDU, Metered, 0U  AP7855A N/A
Metered AP7867A - Rack PDU, Metered, 0U AP7867A N/A

Note: The AP7xxxB model PDU's do not support any firmware revision prior to v6.4.6 - do not attempt to load an older revision of the rpdu2g application to these models.

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